Shopper Insights: Tracking Consumers in the Retail Store

Shopper Insights: Tracking Consumers in the Retail Store

In this post, we share a TED Talk from Ray Burke on how stores and brands are tracking shopping behavior to make better decisions about the product mix and the customer experience. Package InSight uses many of the same tools that Ray mentions throughout the talk including eye tracking, simulated retail labs, in-store observation, and more. Enjoy!

Tracking Shopper Behavior Reveals Important Insights

“Through these insights, you can improve the customer experience, you can increase customer satisfaction, and increase business performance.”

— Ray Burke, Professor at Indiana University

Key Points from the TED Talk

Choices Grow as Shoppers Zone in on a Category

  • When you are shopping for a particular category, the entire category lights up. He uses doughnuts as an example. People who are not actively shopping for doughnuts tend to only look at a few in the very center of the shelf. Where as when consumers are actively shopping for doughnuts, all of the doughnuts grab some attention.

Graphics Speak Louder Than Words

  • Ray uses a simulation study to determine how long it takes a shopper to find a specific cereal box. First, he asks them to find it with only the words, Frosted Cheerios. It takes shoppers on average about 9 seconds to find the box. Then, he asks them to find Frosted Cheerios by giving them an image or graphic of the box. It only takes shoppers an average of 2.5 seconds to find the box with visuals.

Unseen is Unsold

  • If the customer can’t see the product or find the product, it’s effectively not for sale. Ray discusses how Disney unwrapped specific figurines and showcased them above the packaged products. Sales went from 40 units per week to over 900 units per week.

Improving Retail Shoppability

  • Using theses tools to improve the retail experience helps brands clearly communicate their benefits and value to consumers. It helps the retailer create a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience. It helps satisfy consumers’ salient and latent needs.

Download Retail Shoppability White Paper by Ray Burke: Click Here

Why Package InSight?

Package design is a greatly underestimated piece of the product mix. Ray brings up a lot of great points about improving the shoppability of retail stores using technology like eye tracking. Package InSight is focused on working with CPG brands to improve their packaging and take control of consumer perceptions at the shelf. Our eye tracking methodology paired with qualitative surveys allows us to compare what consumers think they do with what they actually do. Our research is helping consumers find products faster and helping brands clearly communicate the value of their products at the shelf. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you improve your package design and consumer experience.

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