Pet Product Packaging Focused on Premiumization and Convenience

Pet Product Packaging Focused on Premiumization and Convenience

The pet products business has been on fire since 2010 according to a recently released research report from Packaged Facts. From 2010 to 2014, the pet products industry grew from $37 billion to $44 billion at a 4% growth rate during that time period.

Trends in Pet Packaging Going Forward

Packaged Facts found that packaging is a driving trend for future growth in the industry because of how closely linked it is the customer satisfaction. In this specific segment, the customer is not buying the product for themselves, but for their pet. The report focuses on the trends in premiumization and convenience as the driving forces for future growth in the industry. It appears that pet customers are more concerned with the health of their pets and are looking for brands with premium ingredients and convenient packaging. Convenient packaging includes closures for resealing, handles for carrying heavy packages, single serving portions for traveling, and more.

“Like any other consumer packaged goods, the packaging surrounding a product made for pets is the first interaction a consumer has with that product. The packing has to possess the ability to catch the consumer’s eye and provide information on the product in an engaging fashion, as well as be convenient to use and carry, provide suitable protection for the product inside the packaging, and be environmentally friendly to boot.” – David Sprinkle, Research Director at Packaged Facts

Inspired by

Experienced Researchers in Pet Product Packaging

Package InSight has worked with multiple pet manufacturers to create packaging that grabs the attention of consumers. We worked with a brand that is carried in one of the major pet retailers, PETCO. Our experience has helped us confirm many of the assumptions that we held about pet packaging. It’s very similar to how we buy normal human food, but the graphics and information labeling is more important. Pet brands have to understand how consumers eye move across a pet food package to grab attention and create an emotional reaction with the customer. Brands selling on premium have to clearly communicate their value and increased price in a very crowded natural and holistic pet marketplace. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you develop the next generation of your pet packaging, reach out today!


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