Infographic: Packaging Plays a Huge Role in Trust With Consumers

Infographic: Packaging Plays a Huge Role in Trust With Consumers

Recently, Adweek published an article on how branding and packaging affect the way consumers trust food. The infographic and article were inspired by a study done by the Boston consultancy, C Space. Enjoy the infographic and a few of our key insights below.

 Created by: Adweek Created by: Adweek

Key Insights About Consumer Trust

According to the study, people are paying much more attention to their food. As a result, packaged food brands need to start improving their ingredients and packaging. The majority of consumers are now looking at ingredients, evaluating the trustworthiness of claims, and analyzing how healthy, natural, high quality, and fresh the product is for their families .

Fruits and vegetables are the most trusted markets by consumers. They are fresh, natural, and high quality foods. Packaging and food ingredient innovation in this space is crucial to building more trust with consumers. An example of a food ingredient company with tremendous innovation in this space is  NutriFusion® . They discovered a way to stabilize the vitamins and nutrients in in fruits and vegetables through the entire food process to package. Innovations like this give packaged food brands the ability to makes these strong health claims that will establish trust with consumers.

The data is in brands inspire trust twice as much as packaging, but packaging is still important to 40% of people for establishing trust. Large CPG companies will have to transform their products to meet these new needs of their customers. New packaging redesigns will be important to establishing trust and communicating new value.

Package InSight Tests Packaging with Eye Tracking

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