Unseen is Unsold: An Interview with Dr. Andrew Hurley

Unseen is Unsold: An Interview with Dr. Andrew Hurley

In October, UPM Raflatac interviewed Dr. Andrew Hurley about packaging in the food industry. UPM created a white paper to detail the in-depth interview, “Unseen is Unsold.” Our blog post features a few of the key points from the discussion with Dr. Hurley.

Zero Moment of Truth

More than one in two shoppers believe it is important to see the product in its packaging before purchasing. Clear packaging is a way to accommodate consumers’ need to view and evaluate packaging. Packaging and products must work together to convey the right message to consumers. Package InSight and Clemson studies around the impact of clear packaging have continually shown that products that are “Unseen are Unsold.”

“Over 68% of products aren’t even looked at, so that fight for the first moment of recognition is critically important.”

— Dr. R. Andrew Hurley, Clemson University and Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design & Graphics

How Clear Labels Can Help

Clear labels give brands and products the opportunities to feed off of consumer trends in seeing the products before they buy them. Clear labels give you the opportunity to change shapes, colors, etc. in your packaging. Past studies on clamshell clear packaging vs. paperboard boxes has show a longer fixation duration on clear packaging leading to more impulse buys.

Download the Full White Paper Here

Follow the button below to the UPM Raflatac website for the full white paper and Dr. Hurley interview for all the insights around clear packaging and its impact on consumers.

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