Infographic: Types of Shoppers

Infographic: Types of Shoppers

If you haven’t already noticed, shoppers are changing due to a variety of reasons including technology and market trends. Recently, Y&R’s BAVLab released a new study breaking shoppers into six different “shopperstates” based on consumption habits and technology preferences. Below, we share a simple infographic and the full report from the study. Enjoy!

 Infographic Created by Y&R BAV Lab Infographic Created by Y&R BAV Lab

Complete Report From Y&R BAVLab

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Package InSight Helps You Understand Shoppers

Y&R has done an incredible job at researching and grouping shoppers into distinct categories based on their shopping habits and technology preferences. The more you understand about shoppers, the better decisions you can make for your brands. We developed an eye tracking methodology with industry leading technology to help you understand more about your consumers and the impact of your packaging. Package design is the last chance to grab attention at the point of purchase. We help you understand the visual cues that grab attention and ultimately lead to a purchase. If you are interested in learning more about our methodology, please contact us below.

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