Infographic: Out of the Box Packaging Ideas

Infographic: Out of the Box Packaging Ideas

M.S. Packaging created an infographic to display 10 innovative packaging ideas that are focused on design. In this post, we share their infographic and a few thoughts on some of the out of the box ideas.

 Created by: M.S. Packaging Created by: M.S. Packaging

Key Insights

  • Innovative packaging designs are crucial for making a statement in the market. Out of the box, design gives you the ability to grab attention and communicate your value while most products go unnoticed.
  • Sometimes in food packaging, we literally need to create a package that resembles our products. The example above is the Juice Skins. Consumers eyes are drawn to those juice packages and they want to feel them immediately. It’s almost like the container is connected to the actual juice. At the very least, we need to showcase the natural ingredients on food packaging to create the visual appeal in consumer’s heads.
  • Sometimes the inside of the package is the most important. Take the Nike example above with the field. You would be unable to see that design unless you buy the product. It’s an added bonus that creates a sense of exclusivity with the consumer. Another, practical example of this is with chocolate candy wrappers. Many times a snickers bar or kit kat will have a coupon code or contest id number inside of the wrapper.

Innovative Package Design Solutions @ Package InSight

Our company is much more than a consumer eye tracking company. We are a packaging innovation solutions company. Over the 18 months, we have worked with two fortune 500 consumer goods brands on long term packaging innovation. In this time, we have learned a lot and discovered innovative ways to do new things in packaging. We are integrating research, design, and functionality to understand our customer’s problems and develop the next big thing in packaging. If you are interested in learning more, please download our case studies or contact us below.

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