Infographic: Pregis Emotional Response to Packaging Study

Infographic: Pregis Emotional Response to Packaging Study


In 2016, the Package InSight team worked with Pregis, a trusted leader in protective packaging solutions, on an emotional response study. The study deployed a facial camera apparatus which measures and codes 40+ facial muscles to determine human emotion on a 7-point scale. The study evaluated traditional protective package material types (loose-fill “peanuts”, paper, square-pattern bubble cushioning and air pillows). Self-report survey data was also collected and analyzed for correlation between the qualitative and quantitative data. 

Below is an infographic that showcases the main findings from the emotional response packaging study. 

Key Consumer Insights

  • The emotional reading (or value) for packaging peanuts indicated participants were approximately 10 times more likely to be categorized as frustrated than not frustrated.

  • Bubble cushioning and air pillow packaging create the least frustration.

  • The participants were the least irritated when disposing bubble cushioning materials.

  • Protective materials within parcel packaging should be a deliberate consideration for all brands delivered to the home. The study illustrates that packaging has an impact on consumer perception and human emotion. Bottom line, materials matter.


Interested in the Case Study?

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