The Psychology of Logo Design

The Psychology of Logo Design

The blog post focuses on an infographic from ColourFast about the psychology of logo design. Logos are so important for branding a company, product, or service in the subconscious minds of consumers. Read the infographic below for a detailed look at how color, shape, font, and more affect the decision making process of consumers.

 Infographic: Infographic:

How Can Package InSight Help?

Package InSight is a complete proof of concept packaging design company. Our specialization is in evaluating and measuring package design through our eye tracking methodology. We are able to run tests on different logos and help you understand consumer attention and perception. Many of the insights from the infographic above are great ideas when designing that new logo, but you need to understand what consumers think as well as what their subconscious mind sees. If you would like to learn more about Package InSight, click the button below to see a few of our past case studies.

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