“Flowing Treasure” for Recreate Packaging 2016

“Flowing Treasure” for Recreate Packaging 2016

“Luxury is Tactile” is the catch phrase of the Recreate Packaging 2016 design competition. For this competition, the finish paperboard manufacturer, Stora Enso, is looking for the most innovative, smart, luxurious packaging idea from around the world. With a primary focus on shape and function, the design should create an unforgettable user experience.    

One of the participants is Lia Rebettge, a graduate packaging science student from Clemson University. Her design is called Flowing Treasure and it is an innovative packaging concept designed for high-quality chocolates.

The package is unique because the box features woven top and bottom faces. On these faces, six printed paperboard strips weave through slits in the primary structure board that forms the shape of the box. This design creates a visibly unique and tactile surface structure. The graphic design incorporates the structural design by using the emerging square areas to form a filigree flower pattern. The blue shaded color concept insinuates the creamy taste of luscious milk chocolate while the intense red and dark brown version embodies the full-bodied aroma of dark chocolate. The inside of the packaging remains untouched, allowing the natural and veined light brown color of the 255 g/m3 CKB Stora Enso paperboard to show. The woven structure provides an eye-catching appearance even when the packaging is open. The closure system involves a paperboard strip on the top half of the box that can be slid under a woven strip on the bottom half.

Ultimately, Flowing Treasure stands out due to its unique features and stunning design. Furthermore, the simple die line and the fact that the ready-made box is space saving for transportation makes Flowing Treasure the perfect packaging design for luxury chocolate.

For more information about public voting on Flowing Treasure for the Public Choice Award.


In addition, a jury of experts will evaluate each entry, select the winners for the student and professional category, and publicly announce the winners at the Luxe Pack trade in New York shown on May 11, 2016.

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