The Importance of the Craft Beer Label

The Importance of the Craft Beer Label

Earlier in 2015, we conducted an eye tracking study with Avery Dennison Labels on the craft beer market. We were focused on the impact of the craft beer label at the point of purchase. Check out this infographic that Avery created to show some of the key insights from the study!

Craft Beer Label Insights

  • Clear film labels hold consumer attention 20% longer than matte and metalized films
  • 46% of participants would classify metalized film as the most expensive label
  • Gloss film was the first noticed label on the shelf. It outperformed both wood veneer and metalized film.

If you are interested in more detail about the study on craft beer labels, then please download the Avery Dennison whitepaper.

Check out our last article on eye tracking metrics 101 to learn more about how we measure consumer attention.

Press on the Craft Beer Eye Tracking Study


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