Will Cans Become The New Trading Cards?

Will Cans Become The New Trading Cards?

Earlier this month, we published a post about the digital printing revolution happening currently in the marketplace. We showcased a few of the big campaigns from Coke, Bud Light, and Snickers. Well, Pepsi and the Mountain Dew brand have decided to jump into the mix with a new trading card like Mtn Dew can!

 Photo: FoodBev.com Photo: FoodBev.com

Sports trading cards are at an all time low, but could this be the answer? Could we begin to see more specialized monthly or even weekly packaging? The technology is there and the costs are decreasing. Our team is interested in working with companies looking to test the popularity and visual attention to these custom packages.

But don’t think this is the only sports can out there. I know we have all seen the classic championship custom cans or bottles like the ones below.

Also, have you seen the Shaq Sodas from Arizona Beverages? These look fun…

Will cans become the new trading cards? We don’t know, but we would enjoy being apart of the process of finding out. If you are interested in running eye tracking studies on custom package designs, contact us today!

For the full article: http://www.foodbev.com/news/mtn-dew-releases-cans-emblazoned-with-russell-westbrooks-face/

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