Turtle Wax Packaging Redesign

Turtle Wax Packaging Redesign

In this post, we examine a Packaging Digest article on the newly unveiled package designs for Turtle Wax. Turtle Wax is an automotive cleaning products company for both the exterior and interior of the vehicles.

In December 2015, Turtle Wax released it’s new package design for it’s three product lines including the Main, Essential, and Perfect Finish product lineups. The package redesign was led by Redshoe Brand Design. The goal of the new design was to appeal more to female consumers and modernize a premium image with the brand. Redshoe Design specializes in brand design for women.

The Main Line

 Photo: Packaging Digest Photo: Packaging Digest

The main line reflects the tradition of Turtle Wax by maintaining the traditional greens and the iconic turtle in a top hat logo.

The Essentials

 Photo: Packaging Digest Photo: Packaging Digest

The essentials range leaves the Turtle Wax green behind but adds color for category differentiation. They also made sure to to keep the iconic turtle logo throughout the essentials line.

The Perfect Finish

 Photo: Packaging Digest Photo: Packaging Digest

The perfect finish product line up abandons the green for the container, but utilizes it at the closure on all of the products. They turtle logo is kept on this package, but much smaller than the other packages.

Inspired by packagingdigest.com

Test New Designs Before You Go To Market

Turtle Wax stated this was the largest package redesign there company has undergone in 15 years. It can be a huge undertaking to change packaging for some companies and that’s why we exist. We are here to help from concept to market. Our value is speed and execution in what we do. With our prototyping labs and retail eye tracking labs, we are able to test multiple designs and products before they go to market. Our research gives you a better understanding of the category and the impact of your new and old packaging at the shelf. If you are interested in learning more about how we run studies, click the button below.




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