Logo Location Influences Consumer Perception

Logo Location Influences Consumer Perception

In October, Packaging Digest published an article on how logo location affects consumer perceptions. Have you ever wondered where is the best location of your brand’s logo on the package? We share a few of the key insights from the article and our experience below.

Brand Recognition

 Photo by Packaging Digest Photo by Packaging Digest

Our team uses industry leading eye tracking technology to measure brand recognition with consumers in our confidential, retail research lab. Brand recognition is critical to helping consumers see your brand at the shelf. Our brains work off the subconscious for most of the shopping experience, so we use a select set of visual cues to make split second decisions. One of those visual cues is the brand logo. We recognize with a logo and it immediately speaks to us. The article from Packaging Digest makes a great point about why logo position is so important to brand recognition

Logo Location

Research published in the Journal of Marketing in 2014 showed that dominant brands tend to place logos closer to the top of their package when compared to less popular brands. The researchers also found that a higher logo placement tended to evoke positive brand feelings with consumers. They went on to conclude that consumers perceive brands as more powerful when their logo is near the top of the package.

Powerful, Dominant Brands

Consumers recognize with exclusive, luxury brands more than others. Many times, price is not an issue for more dominant brands. Instead, they have to focus on distinct, visual branding cues to reel consumers into their ecosystem. Brand power and height are synonymous in the eyes of consumers, because of our traditional understanding of high and low. Retailers feed off of this same methodology by offering the higher and middle shelf space for more than the bottom shelves. While a simple solution, it is powerful to move that logo up on your package and reap the benefits of a dominant brand.

Inspired by Packaging Digest

Package InSight & Our Methodology

Package InSight has developed a consumer perception methodology to help consumer goods companies move faster with new package designs and new products. Our process helps CPGs discover valuable insights about the consumer perceptions of their brands. We use a blend of qualitative and quantitative research methods to compare what consumers tell us with what consumers actually do. The quantitative research methods that we use are focused on gathering subconscious consumer insights using industry leading eye tracking technology in our retail lab. We are able to measure consumer eye movements at 30 times per second to pull millions of data points over an entire study. Our data analysis team pairs that with the qualitative surveys to run tests to find correlations and causations in consumer perception. If you are interested in learning more about Package InSight, please contact us and set up a time to talk!

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