Rapid Prototyping Tools Have Changed Beverage Package Design

Rapid Prototyping Tools Have Changed Beverage Package Design

Our post points out a few of the key insights from an infographic by SolidWorks on how their design software has revolutionized beverage packaging. Rapid prototyping with SolidWorks has enabled us to make significant changes quickly to beverage packages. We are able to increase the strength while decreasing weight and size. Read more in the infographic and see a few of our  takeaways below.

 Infographic Created by: SolidWorks Infographic Created by: SolidWorks

Our Takeaways on Beverage Packaging Design

Water Bottle Transformation

  • Rapid prototyping tools like SolidWorks have allowed us to use fewer materials while maintaining the strength of the package. Improvements like this help companies decrease costs and improve customer perceptions.

On The Go Product Innovation

  • Time is an important resource in many of our lifestyles. On the go products have done exceptionally well over the past 15 years. Rapid prototyping has enabled us to create products that meet consumer needs in ways that we never thought of before. Flexible packaging, new nozzles and more have contributed to important innovations in on the go beverage packaging.

Brand Identity and Brand Recognition

  • Our brand is so important to the thought process of consumers in the store. Many times the visual brand cues on packaging are thought of only subliminally by consumers. Tools like SolidWorks give us the ability to maintain those cues even as we completely redesign the package.

Eye Tracking Through The Rapid Prototyping Process

Eye tracking research is not meant to lead design, but to validate and help steer to the positives of multiple designs. Many times in our process of rapid prototyping, we have between 5 and 10 new package designs. How do we figure out which one to go with? We could use outdated focus groups or decision analysis tools with executives, but does that really tell us how people see the design? Does the design make them want to pick it up off the shelf and purchase it? We use eye tracking at this point in the process to answer those questions for our clients. We help paint a clear picture of what visual cues are most attractive to consumers across the multiple packaging options. Many times this research leads us to go back into the lab and prototype a new package that combines many of these positives from the other package designs. If you are interested in learning more about our rapid prototyping process, contact us today!

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