Old Brands Battle Consumer Trust Issues

Old Brands Battle Consumer Trust Issues

AdAge recently published a piece on the lowdown about consumer trust issues with big, old brands. Big consumer brands are finding their products under a microscope with everything that they do. How will these companies adapt to change consumer perceptions about their products and brands?

Clean Label Movement

Many of the big brand incumbents are trying to revamp their brands by joining the growing “clean label movement.” AdAge used French’s recent clean label revamp as an example. French’s will start putting a “promise seal” on every package beginning in January. The promise is for great taste, real ingredients, and a commitment to their communities. French’s said they spent 2015, reformulating 90% of their products to meet this new seal of approval. As more and more companies look to clean labels, how will they make that decision? Eye tracking can provide brands with insights into what attracts consumers at the shelf and how long they fixate on these new clean labels. It would be interesting to compare brands across the category to learn which clean labels are really hitting home with consumers.

Millennials Driving The Change

The next generation is driving the change in many of the large consumer brands. Millennials are highly critical of consumer food brands in particular. As you saw in our last post, consumers have serious trust issues with packaged food products. Clean labels with organic, non-GMO, all natural, etc. are showing signs of improving trust with consumers according to a number of studies. We think it would be interesting to run an eye tracking study focused on how these different labels attract consumers and what they purchase. Big brands will need to find ways to win over the trust of millennials as smaller holistic brands gain more traction.

For the full read and more information: AdAge: Consumer Trust Issues

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Package InSight and Eye Tracking

Our company is focused on helping CPG brands learn about the subconscious decision making process of consumers using industry leading eye tracking technology. Our methodology is to pair our quantitative eye tracking data with qualitative survey date to compare what consumers think they do with what they actually do. We are not the solution to all of the problems that many brand face with changing consumer, but we are a tool to help you refine your process and create a package that resonates with consumers at the shelf. If you are interested in learning more about our team and process, please contact us.

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