2018 Packaging Report & Webinar

The holiday data is coming in, and you are hoping it’s better than last year.
If only you could have more insight to the Eggnog Category.  
Well… look no further. For $2,497 you’ll receive: 

  • Top-line report upon purchase
  • Full report and appendix in January 2019
  • Access to our study details, data, shopper feeds
  • First 25 clients will enjoy a LIVE online presentation and private Q&A session hosted by Dr. Andrew Hurley through in January after you’ve been able to review the data
  • Option for you and your team to participate in a lunch & learn style presentation from our research team
Package InSight Eggnog Gif

GIF of the eye tracking video from the eggnog study.

At Package InSight, our research focuses intensely on how packaging impacts shopper behavior.
Within the Holiday Eggnog Category, our analysts are tracking attention to design details, where your team may take deep dives into colors, shape, symbols, words, and/or specific SKUs across categories. 

The process of collecting biometric data from shoppers allows our team to identify and measure unique design trends across the category, providing a significant competitive edge for next year’s onshelf presentation.  Once shoppers finish their blind shopping experience we survey their reflection on the experience, their personal shopping habits, and other qualitative information on how they personally approach the Holiday eggnog category.  

Egg Nog_Cropped - 1

Reporting will focus on shopper perception metrics, consumer sensory panel data (Hedonic method), qualitative observations (video and self reports), biometrical analysis, and significance testing for all quantitative data.  Packaging design trends, correlations across datasets, and competitive review to be disclosed.

At Package InSight, our clients become our partners.
Click here to listen to Michael Ganey, former VP of Marketing for House-Autry Mills, Inc.

If you have questions about this event, about our studies or about how we can become partners, fill out the form and we will reach out to you shortly.

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