The Importance of Visual Attention

In this post, we are exploring an article by Pete Foley, former Director of Consumer Science at P&G, on the psychology of visual attention. Our eye tracking studies in the retail context reveal important cues in the decision making process.

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Customized Digital Printing in Beverages and Snacks is a Customer Dream

If you haven’t noticed, mass custom digital printing is trending across the beverage and snack goods industry over the past few years. Coca Cola was the first to successfully use custom digital printing on such a large scale with their Share a Coke campaign with different names printed on every bottle. This kind of packaging and label disruption is empathizing with consumers and making a personal connection with them at the shelf. 

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How Do We Measure Attention?

One of the most common questions from our clients is how does Package InSight measure attention? We use a combination of metrics to discover insights about the impact of package design at the shelf.

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