South Carolina Automotive Summit 2017

South Carolina Automotive Summit 2017

The South Carolina Automotive Council invites colleagues to participate in the exclusive events of SC Auto Week 2017 and the 6th Annual South Carolina Automotive Summit!  Automobiles are evolving from modes of transportation to nodes in technology and communication networks. Like the connected car, the South Carolina Automotive Summit will link attendees to a broad web of thought leadership, best practices and brilliant disruptors in the automotive industry and beyond.

SC Auto Week, February 19-25, is a public celebration of South Carolina’s automotive industry, spotlighting cutting edge technology, the significant economic impact of the industry, and the robust career opportunities in automotive manufacturing.  Per manufacturers’ request, programming was created to engage different functional areas of an organization to facilitate new business, access to talent and pathways to innovation.

As the highlight of SC Auto Week, the 6th Annual SC Automotive Summit will be held February 24-26, 2016 in beautiful Greenville, S.C.  With global, national and regional perspectives, industry executives, economic development officials, education and research professionals, and key logistics players will explore the groundbreaking programs and innovations impacting the automotive industry today and in the future.

February 20 – 22, 2017
The Hyatt Regency Greenville
Greenville, SC

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