Research, Design, Test, Optimize, Repeat

Research, Design, Test, Optimize, Repeat


By Dr. R. Andrew Hurley
Contributing Editor, Packaging World

As you think about optimizing your package for retail, there are a couple things that you should think about:

1. Research→Design→Test→Redesign (Repeat)

It’s important for consumer research to be a focal point in the package design innovation process. You should engage your target market to provide real consumer data to your design teams. How else will you know if your products command attention?

2. The power of eye tracking

We use a variety of techniques for brainstorming and discovery with consumers, but we favor eye-tracking technology for evaluating package design. Eye tracking gives you the ability to observe consumers without being obtrusive in the process. When considering this technology, ensure the following: Use an unbiased resource, real consumers, and an in-context environment (an actual store with real products is better than a computer screen). Tracking consumer eye movements also gives you the advantage of comparing what consumers think they see with what they actually see. The technology is truly amazing, because it allows you to track a consumer’s eye 50 times per second in the actual retail environment and deliver comprehensive analysis in just a few days.

Embracing these methods and types of technology is not as time consuming or expensive as most companies might assume, but it does require some forethought and purposeful action. If you have questions on how to best approach the SEO process for your products or your company, we’d love to hear them.

Dr. R. Andrew Hurley is Assistant Professor of Packaging Science, Clemson University, and founder of Package InSight and The Packaging School.

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