Pack Expo International 2018

Pack Expo International 2018


PACK EXPO International will be the largest, most comprehensive processing and packaging trade show in the world in 2018.  If you’re looking for a trade event that delivers unique supplier innovation, crossover technologies, peer interaction, and industry education that will energize, inspire, inform and prepare you for the future, nothing else comes close.

Observe equipment in action and in person. You may arrive at the show with abstract goals in mind, but you’ll leave with a clear vision of what can be done to make those goals reality.

Trend Awareness
Simply walking the show floor gives you broader perspective on all current and emerging technologies, on what your competitors are doing and where trends are headed.

Past attendees describe how unexpected encounters with technology at PACK EXPO have led to their biggest “ah-ha!” moments. You never know what you’ll discover.

Nothing beats a face-to-face connection. Touch base with vendors, meet potential new suppliers and have conversations that are the key to your success.

Exhibitors include 2,500+ leading suppliers of advanced packaging equipment, materials, containers, automation technologies and other supply chain solutions. New in 2018, the PACKage Printing Pavilion is bringing together suppliers of the latest digital packaging solutions.

Attendees include corporate, general, plant and project managers; engineers; production supervisors; those involved in operations and quality control; purchasers; package designers, brand managers and marketers; and logistics and supply chain management professionals from all vertical industries.

October 14-17, 2018
McCormick Place
Chicago, Illinois

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