Package InSight : Custom Thermometer

Package InSight : Custom Thermometer

Mintel Reports – Tangible Application
Part 2 of 2

Congratulations! You have captured a fickle muse – inspiration can be hard to come by, but through your dedication to lifelong learning and paying attention the interaction of disparate worlds around you there is at last an idea – or better yet – a full slew of ideas with potential to find an audience, recapture territory, create lift, or expand markets!  

You’ve recognized an opportunity and will seize the moment to embrace the changes afoot. We all know making that change a reality is not an easy path, we have costs to consider, bureaucracy to navigate, and stakeholder judgments on risk/reward to anticipate.  In the end your change is represented by a single unit, a tangible product on shelf, wrapped in your best efforts of efficient and effective aesthetic. Let’s hope the package on shelf is not actually a horse designed by committee (LINK).

To avoid the chaotic path, we need aids, insights, and evidence; a communicable process of thought, creation, testing, failing, iteration, and improvement. It is here that the work and product of Package InSight research services offers a highly valuable asset: metrics for performance. Specific to your product, your channel, your competitive planogram we can test a consumer’s perspective of these new ideas and help you determine which are worthy of the next stage of launch toward production.  Further, as you show others how and why you’ve applied your ideas, our data will help demonstrate their impact.   




Package InSight listens to understand your perspective and works with you to coordinate specific research questions and goals. We help create prototypes, we replicate a competitive planogram, we recruit folks from your target market(s) as participants, and we use technology to measure their behavior as the shop an in-context retail environment.  We do this for each part of your research question and then statistically compare aggregated metrics for a consumer’s time and attention. The result is a comprehensive understanding of what drives consumer visual attention and clear ranking of you against the competition. You will know – and better yet, but able to clearly help others understand – what application of your idea holds the most promise on shelf.   

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